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Good health,

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Workplace wellbeing

Could your business benefit from a wellbeing strategy?

Have you ever considered supporting psychological health in the workplace as a competitive advantage and a financial gain?

People are central to the success of any business.  Yet one in six people each year will suffer mental health issues each week.  70 million working days are lost each year in Britain costing the economy £70-100 billion.  In the last 10 years the number of days lost to anxiety, depression and stress has risen by 24%.

As a company do you assume each person can rationally leave their personal issues at the door? Separate home and work life? Perform the tasks required of them without it impacting on the quality of work and the satisfaction taken in it?  45% of employees taking time off work due to mental health issues cite another reason for doing so.

This has massive repercussions for any business employer.  The cost alone of replacing a member of staff on an average salary of £25,000 is at least £20,000.  Recognising, improving, protecting, valuing wellbeing in the workplace makes sound financial sense.

Yet, although half of businesses cite staff retention and recruitment as the most pressing concerns, too often strategies to enable this to happen are overlooked.

Staff turnover, high levels of absenteeism, stress of staff left to cover absences, low morale and loss of productivity are all signals that emotional needs are not being met and mental resources are utilised incorrectly.  Working on the principles of the human givens approach these detrimental behaviours can be transformed releasing the potential for a more successful, higher achieving workplace.

With the work place future becoming more people-centric, organisations competing for talent will need to respond and be more supportive than ever.

In today’s competitive environment, it would seem incomprehensible for any athlete not to employ a psychologist to gain a competitive advantage.  So why not organisations?

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