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Nothing is louder,

than overthinking after midnight.

Sleep Disorders

We take sleep for granted until we have problems with it.

The need to sleep is a fundamental human given. Poor sleep can affect human abilities such as memory, learning and attention. There is also an intimate relationship between sleep and many psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety and psychosis.

The Human Givens approach understands the importance of slow wave sleep, the recuperative stage where the mind/body system rebuilds itself after a hard day surviving in the world, and the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) state, which takes place when we dream.

Sleep problems affect every age group. With the rapid change in modern living they are taking an increasing toll on our mental and physical health. Seventeen per cent of the population now has a serious insomnia problem. For millions more people the body’s need to have an appropriate amount of quality sleep is frequently compromised to meet their perceived need to have more ‘awake’ time. If they knew the effect on their wellbeing, they would give an adequate nights sleep a much higher priority.

Re-establishing and maintaining our natural sleep cycle is fundamental in maintaining balanced emotional health.

A Human Givens practitioner offers an understanding of what is meant by good ‘sleep hygiene’ involving advice, planning and practical information.¬† Information¬†regarding nutrition and lifestyle management will also be given to help individuals get a quality night’s sleep.

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