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What to expect from the Human Givens approach

Where ever the Human Givens approach is implemented – whether it is in mental and physical health, business, education, coaching, social care or diplomacy – everyone benefits.

Here’s why

  • It gives a clear framework of what all human beings need to live mentally healthy and fulfilling lives based on a solid understanding of the essential needs and resources we are all born with, whatever our circumstances or cultural background.
  • Helps us identify why a person is experiencing their current difficulties and what can be done about it avoiding ideological constructs and focussing on proven practical effective interventions.
  • Research demonstrates that the human givens approach works quickly – in four to six sessions on average
  • Combines the latest insights from neuroscience and psychological research providing a holistic way of working with clients enabling therapy to be adapted to everyone’s needs.
  • Uses a wide range of effective psychotherapeutic techniques combining them into one highly effective and flexible ‘tool box’.
  • It is brief and solution-focused, aiming to help individuals regain control over their lives from the first session.
  • It encourages clients to use their own resources, strengths and skills to affect self-generated change.
  • It uses jargon-free language so clients can understand why they got into difficulties whilst providing them with effective coping strategies helping to help them think in new and more empowering ways.
  • It will not dwell unduly on the past nor encourage unnecessary introspection or tell you therapy has to be painful.

It combines all the latest understandings and insights into psychological interventions such as:

  • The APET Model, which shows how the brain works through pattern matching. This supercedes cognitive behavioural therapy because it is more true to the reality of brain functioning.
  • Understanding of the evolutionary origins and function of human dreaming, which has a massive implication on our emotional health.
  • New insights into trauma and how best to treat it.
  • Why depression develops and is maintained.
  • A new explanation for addiction and why withdrawal symptoms occur.
  • The crucial link between thinking styles and fluctuations in emotional arousal.
  • Why metaphor is so powerful as a form of treatment.


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